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Atlantic Pinstriping® has revolutionized the way painted pin striping is applied to vehicles. With our patented tools painted stripes are straighter, more eye appealing, and applied in less time than in the past, while still providing a limited lifetime warranty. More people are requesting painted stripes in Naples Florida, Charlotte, N.C., Cary Durham N.C., and Raleigh N.C. than ever before due to the positive experience they have had with our product during the ownership of their vehicles.

Designing, manufacturing, and patenting these exclusive toolsAtlantic has taken painted pin striping to an entirely new level. The quality of striping you will receive fromAtlantic is unparalleled for this reason.Atlantic also has private label paint that is specially formulated by one of the leading paint manufacturers in the world enabling us the ability to provide a limited lifetime warranty for every new vehicle we stripe.

New car dealers are provided with the highest quality product along with prompt, professional, and courteous service which assists them in building long term quality relationships with their new vehicle customers.

Franchise Opportunity

Over 16 million new cars are sold in the U.S. every year, with over 20,000 new car dealers competing for their share of this market. New car dealers are continuously looking for ways to enhance the saleability of their new car inventories and to increase the margin on each vehicle sale. As an Atlantic PinStriping franchise owner, you'll use our highly efficient system and proprietary technology to provide the solution new car dealers are looking for. Your quality, hand-painted pinstripes will enhance the appearance and sales appeal of any car, van, truck or motorcycle, and your services will provide customized add-on options that add to the dealer's bottom line. The Atlantic PinStriping franchise program is also about meeting needs: Yours. Even if you have no formal automotive industry experience, this franchise could be the business opportunity you have been looking for. It's an affordable, uncomplicated, and home based franchise, which is designed to enable qualified individuals to invest their talents and energy into their own futures.

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Franchise Disclosure Laws

"The information in this web site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise in those states that require registration of the franchise opportunity. We will not make any offer of franchise opportunity in those states until after we have obtained effective registration of our franchise. We offer franchise opportunities only through our written Uniform Franchise Offering Circular. To find out about our current status in your state, please contact us."

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